YakAttack Switchblade Transducer Arm

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The YakAttack SwitchBlade Transducer Arm allows you to quckly deploy and retract your transducer from your GearTrac or Yak Attack CellBlok. The YakAttack Switchblade comes GearTrac ready, but can also be surface mounted to a YakAttack CellBlok for a convenient centralized install. A hydrodynamic blade design causes less water turbulence resulting in a faster and a less noisy over the side transducer mounting solution. The YakAttack SwitchBlade features a depth adjusting system to easily maximize your transducers effectiveness.

GearTrac ready and can also be surface mounted to the YakAttack CellBlok
Hydrodynamic blade design
Adjustable depth
Easy articulation in and out of the water

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