The Full Service Shop at Strictly Sail & Kayak

Strictly Sail & Kayak, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been serving Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Midwest sailors since 1978.  Family owned and operated for over three decades, Strictly Sail is the trusted sailboat service and maintenance center for hundreds of sailors and boat owners annually.

Top Maintenance Services

Fiber Glass Service & Repair

fiberglass repair

Fiber glass work is difficult and dangerous. That’s why Strictly Sail & Kayak is the best place to take your sailboat in need. We have the right equipment and know how to get it done professionally to make your boat as good as new.

Bottom Painting

sailboat bottom paint

Bottom painting is a necessary and difficult process for maintaining sailboats. We have the indoor space and equipment to get it done right. Don’t mess around trying to setup your own station when you can have the pros do it!

Poliglow Wash & Wax

Poliglow is a great way to make your haul and flooring shine up like new. Our team has been dedicated to this formula and its amazing results for decades. Let us treat your boat and make it shine once again!

Launch and Retrieval / Hauling / Rigging

For nearly 40 years, Strictly Sail & Kayak has assisted with sailboat rigging, tuning, launching, and retrieval for the tri-state area. Hundred of sailors rely on our team every year to transport and prepare their vessels.

Launch & Retrieval

Leaving a boat on the water through the winter season is never the right move or ends up being long-term cost effective. Let our team launch and retrieve your boat properly. We will make sure it is safely transported and handled with care.


Ask any sailor about the rigging process and they know how complicated and procedural this process can be, especially if you don’t have a crew of experts to help or if you try to do it on your own.


We have the heavy duty trucks and machinery to get your boat where it needs to go, now you don’t have to loan your uncles truck or find a person to help, we’ve got you covered.

Make us your sailboat maintenance team!

Open year around Monday-Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contact us today about any service you need!

Other Services

We are a full service facility, here are some of the other services we regularly provide:

    • battery installation

    • winterization of engines, motors and water systems

    • motor and engine maintenance and repair

  • swaging and Nicropress for lifelines and standing rigging

    • line and rope splicing
    • electrical repair, additional house battery installation, shore power installation

    • hatch and port repair and maintenance, along with solar vent fan installation

  • hardware installation, rope clutches, winches, travelers and blocks

    • halyard, sheet, and dockline replacement

    • running rigging complete replacement

    • inspections of keel, centerboard cables, shrouds, engine cable controls, halyards

  • plumbing and marine head maintenance

Services provided are charged hourly, and vary greatly depending on the scale of the project and difficulty. Contact us today at or call (513) 984-1907 for a service quote.