Hobie Mast Float 'Mama Bob' - Getaway

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Hobie Mast Float "Mama Bob" for the Hobie Getaway

Part #30119

Offers more floatation volume while using the same bracket mounting system as the Baby Bob. Displaces 59 pounds of water (just under 1 cubic foot in volume). Mama Bob has nearboatsly the same vertical dimension as the Baby Bob, but it is wider.  The Mama Bob is designed for the Getaway. This can be used on a number of different boats to keep them from turtling, however, you will need to adapt mounting to your boat.  Hobie Item #30120 is the "universal mount kit" which would be used for other boats. More volume further inhibits a boat from going turtle when capsized in rough and windy conditions.  This is the standard float used on the Getaway due to both weight and trampoline area which pushes the mast downward with more wind force when capsized.  Extra volume, extra safety margin! Kit includes mounting brackets and fasteners.

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