YakAttack ShortStak 13x13

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Following the release of the reimagined BlackPak Pro, it has been clear that for many anglers, bigger is better. With that concept in mind, our design team began working on solutions to increase the usable space, inside and outside, of the BlackPak Pro. The resulting product does all of that, and will come in three different sizes to fit all three BlackPak Pro models. Please note, this is not a stand-alone box and requires the use of a BlackPak Pro.

The ShortStak Upgrade Kit is a stackable box that replaces the lid of a new or existing BlackPak Pro, giving you a second layer of storage for quick access go-to items. Its construction is virtually the same as the BlackPak Pro, however, it is only about 40% of the original height. The bottom edge of the ShortStak side panels is angled to match the geometry of the BlackPak opening, giving you the same water-shedding fit as the original lid.

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