YakAttack Gear Trac GTTL90 8" (with hardware)

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YakAttack Gear Trac GTTL90 8" (with hardware)

Item #GTTL90-08


YakAttack GearTrac GTTL90 makes your kayak not only adjustable, but fully configurable, enabling you to change your setup from one outing to the next. GearTrac gives you the ability to go from a fully rigged kayak fishing machine to a flat deck in minutes. Includes 1 track with backing plate & fasteners. The GTTL90 features the innovative, patent pending, top loading design. At just over 7/8" (22mm) wide, the GTTL90 is perfect for kayaks and enables users to insert a Mighty Bolt from the top in addition to the ends, allowing for easier access & installation of multiple accessories. Rated for medium to heavy duty use.



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